Easter Basket Fillers For All Ages


I have taken a little bit of a hiatus during the month of March but now I am back and fully recharged!!

With Easter just around the corner, and it being the first Easter I am putting together a basket for my girl, I decided to make a list of suggestions for [non-candy] basket fillers. All ideas are under $20! Some small ideas and also some bigger options as well. You’ll notice a lot of items are for outdoors because I’m a big believer in getting kids out of the house during nice weather! A lot of the ideas can be used within other age ranges (ie: sun hats, bubbles, chalk).

(*This post includes affiliated links, meaning when purchasing through my links I do get a small commission at no additional charge to you! Thank you for supporting me! xo.)


0-24 Months


Bubbles // Teether // Bunny Book // Straw Cup // Sunglasses // Puzzles // Bath Toys // Goldfish Crackers // Graham Crackers // Sun Hat



Chalk // Jump Rope // Sand Toys // Water Table Toys // Book // Coloring Supplies // Rock Painting Kit // Window Cling Art Kit // Toothbrush // Indoor/Outdoor Ball Set



Slime Kit // Mad Libs // Brain Games Book // L.O.L. Surprise! // Lego Kit // Water Balloons // Kite // Water Blaster // Fishing Pole // Water Bottle


When kids get into that teen ages, it gets harder to please them (I have 7 nieces, oldest being 15 so I am well aware of how hard it is to buy gifts for those teenagers!!) I have found the greatest success with buying gift cards because they are then able to go and “buy” whatever they what with it!


Amazon Gift Card // Ulta Gift Card // Starbucks Gift Card //
Nike Gift Card // Old Navy Gift Card
Coffee Phone Case // Nintendo Phone Case // Earbuds // Bluetooth Speaker // Backpack

Hope this guide is helpful for your Easter basket filling needs!


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