Ultimate First Birthday Gift Guide

Just writing the title is making me emotional knowing that my baby girl is going to be ONE years old this month 😥 ! I may or may not have (spoiler: totally did) given her her birthday present already.. And she loves it! (*This post includes affiliate links, meaning I get a small commission if you buy from the link, thank you for supporting me! xo.)

I feel like I say this for all parents, we actually don’t want toys for their birthdays or holidays. I know what you’re thinking, I’m such an un-fun mom saying my daughter doesn’t need toys, and how you’re just one gift or let them have fun blah blah blah. Hear me out, everyone thinks that oh since she said no toys I’ll just get them one so they will have something fun to play with, I know this because I was that aunt. My sisters always told me their kids didn’t need anymore toys because they barely play with the ones they already have, but I never listened and would get a toy anyway. Now that it’s my house these toys are going to, I completely understand. Not only will my daughter not play with everything, my husband and I just don’t want all the bulky items. 😐

With all that being said I have come up with ideas of some toys (see I am fun!), other items needed and more.


Play Kitchen // This is what we got our daughter for her birthday!! The exact one was sold out online but the one I linked is a very close copy cat!! I also got her this play food, I liked it because it was soft, durable plastic!!

Ball Pit & Balls // Tent & Tunnel // I have a package of balls so a pit or even the tent and tunnel option would be a nice indoor play area especially during these cold winter months (we live in Wisconsin where we just had -60 degree temps! Hello Polar Vortex 😳)

Cozy Coupe // This will be fun for summer months to play with outside!!

Teepee // Another fun indoor play option! Could be a cute little reading nook!

Water Table // Fun for outdoor summer use but I’ve also recently seen these being used in the indoor winter months filled with coffee beans as sensory play! Obviously when the child isn’t putting everything in their mouths though!

Backpack // I love these cute little animal bags from Skip Hop! Is convenient for those sleepovers at grandparents houses as well!

Straw Water Bottle // Learning Utensils // Ask the parents what their favorite sippy cup is or what the next cup (usually a straw or miracle 360 cup) they want to transition to next! Same with utensils!

Table & Chairs // My daughter loves the little table and chair at her grandma’s house! We have a table but just need to get chairs and these mint ones are so cute!

Cart Tray // This little tray clips right on to the bar of carts! No more meltdowns when kids have their snacks at their fingertips!

Rubber Sole Shoes // Babes will be on the move soon after their 1st birthdays (if not before like our girl was at 9.5 months!) A nice supportive pair of rubber sole shoes are a great gift option!

Pocket Bib // Apron Bib // We’re in the stage where she is still learning how to use utensils without making a mess (when does this stage end??) so the apron bib will protect their clothes! The pocket bib is also a nice option!

Some other ideas would include passes to indoor play areas, money towards renewing the family’s zoo pass, money for the child’s college fund, taking the child for a fun sleepover (this one the parents are also benefiting from too 😉 ), clothing in the next size or for the next season, and last but definitely not least, make the child a busy board!

Let’s be serious, kids love to play with objects that are not toys, its inevitable, so why not turns those items into a nice board made exclusively for them and in a safer manner. Items frequently included on busy boards: door stops, light switch, different types of locks, push lights, telephone with a cord, baking sheet with magnets, wheels, toilet paper roll, and different types of clips. Here’s an example:


As crazy as it sounds, I would also welcome a box of diapers or wipes with open arms. Is it a boring gift for the birthday girl or boy? Absolutely. Will they remember? Nope and it helps mom and dad with paying for those necessities.

What did I miss? I’d love to hear from you!

Here’s a shameless pic of my daughter’s 1st birthday cake smash photo shoot ❤


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  1. thecommutary says:

    This is a great and comprehensive list. I remember getting so emotional for my children’s 1st bday!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They just grow so fast!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. jenglenn220 says:

    The cozy coupe is a must! My kids were so mad when I got rid of theirs. They squeezed themselves into and said, “look, we can still fit!” Lol!!


    1. Haha! They’re so fun!!


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