Postpartum Must Haves

Happy New Year! I have been dealing with some sickness running through our house since the holidays so this is my first post of the New Year and it is directed towards new mamas! Whether its your first babe or fifth, I’ve rounded up a list of must haves for the postpartum period!

I know social media makes postpartum look like butterflies and rainbows but I’m about to drop some truth bombs on ya, it’s far from it! It’s uncomfortable, painful and downright messy! So embrace the mesh panties, oversized pads and pain spray because you just grew a precious baby (or babies) inside you. The woman’s body is amazing!!
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High-Waisted Legging // I own 3 or 4 pairs of these and they really hold everything in! Even though they are high-waisted and tight they are still super comfortable and soft!

Comfortable Underwear // Even if you’re thong type of lady, after delivery you’re going to need some full coverage underwear to hold the oversized pads!

Joggers // Joggers 2 // Some days I needed a break from the tight leggings and I loved lounging in my joggers!

Dermoplast Spray // This is the holy grail of all things postpartum. Your nether region is going to be sore and this spray helps 110%!

Pads // I really like this brand of pads, they get the job done and they are also organic cotton and chemical free. Some people swear by these Always Discreet Underwear but I was happy with my pads.

Fridet // The hospital sends you home with a squirt bottle, I used it for the first couple of days but then I remembered I got this handy-dandy contraption that worked so much better because of the way it sprays upward is phenomenal.

Acetaminophen // Ibuprofen // You’re going to be sore, whether you deliver vaginally or by c-section so make sure you’re keeping up with your pain medicines!

Stool Softener // People rarely talk to you about that first couple #2s after you give birth. One of my girlfriends told me to take the stool softener they offer and I continued to take it weeks afterwards just to be on the safe side!

Tucks Pads // The witch hazel helps reduce swelling. After using the dermoplast spray, can place a couple of these on your maxi pad for even more relief.

Thera Pearl Breast Therapy // When your milk does come in, it COMES IN. You’ll be engorged for a couple of days when your body is figuring out the needs of your newborn(s). These heat therapy pads were a lifesaver for relief! (As well as a hot shower and expressing milk!)

Nursing Pads // These reusable nursing pads are the cream of the crop! I swear they were magic! Not only are they super soft and just get softer with every washing but I don’t feel like I leaked much while wearing them, but as soon as I would remove them my milk would come out! (I had a fast letdown at the beginning.) I liked that they were reusable so I wasn’t spending money every so often and I didn’t feel like I was wearing diapers for my boobs like the disposable ones, haha!

Heating Pad // I had a little bit of back pain so my heating pad was used a lot. Make sure your back is support during nursing sessions, bring baby to you not hovering over baby. This was my problem which led to back pain with every feeding.

Water Bottle // Keep hydrated! I had a nice big water cup with a straw because straws make me drink more, haha but I found this cool reusable water bottle too!

Tender Care Hydrogel Pads // Your nipples are not used to being fed off of so they will be sore for the first couple of weeks! These hydrogel pads help with pain relief.

Motherlove Nipple Cream // Gotta take care of those nipples!

Hidden Zipper Sweatshirt // I bought this prior to delivery and thought it was so cool because you can’t see the zippers since they blend in with the color blocking! The zippers open a good amount for nursing too.

Button Wrap Sweater // When I wasn’t wearing the sweatshirt I was in a button wrap sweater for easy access for nursing.

Nursing Tank // I’m a big fan of these Old Navy nursing tanks because of the full cup coverage. Some nursing tanks just have a small strip of fabric to connect the tank for nursing purposes but I felt it would lay weird and my boobs would look bumpy when not feeding my baby. To each their own though!

Nursing Bra // Again, I’m a big fan of this nursing bra. There’s no under wire but plenty of support! It’s a nursing and pumping bra and the padding sits nicely so when you’re not nursing it doesn’t look bumpy!

Haakka // Now I didn’t have this but I really wish I would have (I will be getting one for my next child). I had milk collectors that I would put right in my bra on the other side I wasn’t nursing from, however, I have heard so many positives about the Haakka! The suction helps draw the milk out during nursing sessions.

Assorted Snacks // Having snacks nearby was a great idea for those middle of the night feeds! I always so hungry while nursing!!

haakka  screen shot 2019-01-12 at 10.08.15 am  screen shot 2019-01-11 at 4.06.21 pm

Hope this helps you in your postpartum journey! Did I forget anything? Comment below!


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