2018 Gift Guide: Toddlers & Preschool Children

Happy Sunday!! This week many of you might be getting your Christmas shopping lists ready in preparation for Black Friday! I hope to give you a few items to add to those lists!!

Next gift guide(s) I’m focusing on are Toddler (1-3Y) & Preschool (3-5Y) Children! After the item ideas I have included more experience based gift ideas as well!

(*This post contains affiliated links, this means I make a small commission if you purchase through the link but not through the app so if you’d like to support me I appreciate all purchases made through my links. xo)



Cow Chair // Navy Chair // These chairs are so cute!! My husband has a recliner and it’ll be so cute when Kinsley has a chair to match him! 🙂

Puzzles // Book 1 // Book 2 // Book 3 // Puzzles and books make great gifts and they’re secretly educational 😉

Christmas PJs (Boy) // Christmas PJs (Girl) // Give the gift of cute Christmas pajamas and start a tradition of Christmas Eve movie date!

Paw Patrol Place Setting // Llama Setting // Utensils // Children love when they have their own things, so giving them their own place setting to use at the table is a great gift idea!

Water Bottle // Backpack // Lunchbox // I am loving everything llama lately and these items from Skip Hop have so many character to choose from! They even match the above place setting!

Flashcards // Another hidden educational item, flashcards to work on ABCs, numbers, and colors!

Preschool Children:


Picasso Tiles // One of the top ranked STEAM ‘toys.’ Kids will use their imagination to build using these tiles and they’re also educational!

Busy Box // Art Jar // The Busy Box includes 16 different projects for kiddos 3+ to work on! The Art Jar has a variety of craft supplies to add to any project or make up your own!

Art Supplies // Endless ideas and fun with this art supply kit!

Blank Puzzles // They can color and make their own puzzle to solve!

Snowpants & Jacket (Girl) // Boys Set // For those who live in states with a snowy winter, buying them their gear and then taking them outside for hours of fun! Remember the hot cocoa when you come back inside to warm up!

Girls Thermal // Boys Thermal // Ask the child’s parents what size clothing they are in need of!

Experience Ideas:

  • Put money towards their college fund.
  • Pay for their next activity class (dance, team sports, gymnastics, zoo class, swim, music classes).
  • Make a little coupon book for future activities to do together during the year.
    • “Good for a sleepover at Auntie’s House.”
    • “Good for a baking day with Grandma.”
    • “Good for a manicure/pedicure with Auntie.”
    • “Good for an ice cream date.”
    • “Good for zoo/museum trip.”
    • “Good for art project with Nana.”
  • Buy the family a zoo or museum pass.
  • Buy the family a restaurant gift card.
  • Plan a family vacation to a waterpark.
  • Make a “Tie Fleece” blanket together.
  • Buy the child a $5-10 gift card to Culver’s, then tell them to save it for an ice cream date with them in the near future!




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