2018 Gift Guide: Baby

Getting closer to Christmas, so I’ve decided to post gift guides for all ages!! I am also including some experience gift ideas as well! I’ve always believed that kids don’t need to get all toys for Christmas, for my nieces I honestly do not even remember the last time I got them gifts. Last year I made them all blankets (except one who I already made one for) and the year before that I got them each an outfit and then movie passes or Culver’s gift card!

First gift guide is dedicated to the babies. Really anything you get for them they won’t know or care so anything is fair game, even diapers or wipes! (*This post contains affiliated links, this means I make a small commission if you purchase through the link but not through the app so if you’d like to support me I appreciate all purchases made through my links. xo)


Baby Bunting Suit // If you live someplace cold like us (Wisconsin) a thin but warm bunting suit is perfect for any baby and safe for the car seat!

Winter Hat // My mom actually got my daughter and I matching hats like the one pictured above and I’m obsessed! It’s seriously SO cute on! (Mommy & Me option as well)

Moccasins // I know I love my mocs so of course Kinsley needs some as well! (I’m gonna milk this matching this as long as she’ll let me!)

Baby Book // This is such a cute keepsake!! I wish I had one to look back on when I accomplished milestones, but I’m the third kid and only got a few entries!!

Stackable Cups // On a whim, my husband bought Kinsley stackable cups and they are her favorite! She loves knocking them over and banging them together!

Sippy Cup // This cup is just a suggestion, if you know of a certain cup the parents want to try or that the child already loves and uses, definitely go with that!

Snack Cup // We all know that kids love to snack (and maybe the parents too?!) so these cups are a must!

Pocket Bibs // These bibs catch any food they drop in front of them and super easy to clean, win win!

Silicone Placemat // I actually just picked up a couple of these, one for Kins and one for a gift, they are so cute and I really like the divided feature so they can explore their meal options!

Banana Teether // I love this teether because when her two bottom teeth came in, the the massaging nubs also act like an infant toothbrush!

Experience Ideas:

  • Put money towards their college fund.
  • Pay for their next swimming lessons (or other activity they’re apart of).
  • Plan a family vacation to a waterpark.
  • Buy the family a zoo or museum pass.
  • Plan a day to babysit, to spend more time with them.

What are some other ideas that you’ve come up with?


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