There I was scrolling through Instagram when a hashtag caught my attention. #Last90Days. What did it mean? So I did some searching, which led me to Rachel Hollis (you know, the author of “Girl, Wash Your Face”) and in her Instagram post from September 30th she explains the #Last90Days Challenge. Basically, everyone waits for the new year to change or to improve themselves (New Year Who Dis?) but slack at the end of the year because, holidays. She’s encouraging everyone to finish the year out strong!

This really spoke to me because well at the beginning of this year I was extremely pregnant so I actually wasn’t even starting the year off strong. But now I’m currently doing a workout accountability challenge (through Expecting and Empowered, insert fist bump!) that goes through the 2nd week of November. My husband and I have changed our eating habits, him more but by default me as well. Because of these two things, I’m feeling really good about myself and where my body has come from where I started this year. Yes I know, I made and grew a life, I shouldn’t be so hard on myself to lose the weight, but that’s the thing, I actually haven’t been hard on myself. Working out makes me feel good, and I don’t push it, if there’s a move I physically cannot do I won’t or I’ll do a modification.


If you’re interested in joining the #Last90Days Challenge, go to The Chic Site and sign up, you’ll receive encouraging emails to help reach your goals. However, you don’t really need to sign up, but rather just write down your goals and track your progress!

Here are my goals:

1. Finish out E&E Accountability Challenge.
2. Continue working out 3x a week with E&E Postpartum Guide (after challenge ends).
3. Take 1 hour of “Me” time per day.
4. Plan dates with my husband (sans baby) twice a month.
5. Sticking to my ‘monthly allowance’ and put $100 into savings account per paycheck.

The position I hold at work is not benefits eligible, this means my 12 weeks of maternity leave was completely unpaid. Yes, I planned for that and yes, I worked extra prior to delivery to make up for this, however now I need to boost back up my emergency fund.

I want to hear from YOU, what are your Top 5 Goals?


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