L’ange Wand Review

I’ve been using the L’ange Titanium Lustré wand for about a month so I feel I can give an honest review now. This post is not affiliated and as always, my opinions are my own.


For the past 6+ years I have been using an old 1″ curling iron that I took the clamp off of to make it a wand. As of lately, my trusty ‘wand’ wasn’t heating up like she used to and had seen better days. I have been seeing ads for L’ange for a couple of months now, I don’t know how Facebook algorithm knew I was in the market for a new wand but it they did and knew exactly what to show me!

I watched countless videos from ladies who swear by this L’ange wand; who go from frizzy to first date and make it look so effortless. So you could say I was intrigued considering I have some pretty frizzy hair myself (for those who know me, you’re probably rolling your eyes but trust me I’ve learned what works to tame this beast.)

I went for it and ordered the Lustré Titanium 32mm after reading some reviews to get the bigger barrel if you have thicker/longer hair, in retrospect I wish I would have just ordered both sizes right away. They were having an (extended) Christmas in July type sale so when I ordered it was $59 compared to the regular $169 price tag.

Now onto the wand review. What an upgrade from my old ‘wand!’ I went with the Lustré over the Ondulé because of the cool tip and adjustable digital temperature control. I am not a fan of using the glove that comes with wands so I was banking on the cool tip to save my fingers. My shipment came crazy fast! I ordered late Wednesday night and received my package on Friday day, and I did not pay for expedited shipping (major bonus!!) The first 2-3 times I used it, I was still messing around with what temperature setting was best for my hair type. It heats up really quick so you don’t have to wait too long to use it. The digital window goes from blue to green when your target temperature is reached. It also has automatic shut off where the digital window glows red, so no more worrying if you turned your tools off!

All-in-all I would 100% recommend this product to anyone! And you’re in luck, they are having a Back-to-School Sale right now!! The wand I have is a little over 60% off to make it $65!! The Ceramic Lustré is $55.  The Titanium Ondulé is $49 and Ceramic Ondulé is $39. The company also has hair straighteners and blow dryers on sale as well.

Let me know if you take advantage of this sale!


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  1. Nicole Garlick says:

    I have waited a long time to find a product that works this well on my hair !!! Best thing I’ve ever purchased ! Wish I could put all the wasted money I’ve spent into amazing products from L’ange !!!!

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