Linen Closet Revamp!

My linen closet has been a place of constant stress. It is so disorganized but one day last week I just decided that it needed to be better organized and I made a plan to do exactly that.

I’m actually a little embarrassed to be sharing the BEFORE pictures of our linen closet. It’s a pretty big closet with large and deep shelves but two of the shelves have just become dump piles. With embarrassment also comes excitement, with that being said I am EXCITED to share with you the AFTER pictures!!

First up, the dreaded before.


With having a little one who is on the move and often times is upstairs with me when I am getting ready, I’m realizing that all the medications and smaller items need to be out of her reach.


Here is the dump pile I was talking about. You can see I do have two plastic containers in there already but they didn’t stand a chance against all the items I planned to store in this closet!


Next, here is the beautiful after picture!! I am so excited to be sharing this because I just can’t get over how well it turned out!! It looks so organized and CLEAN.


Large Gray Basket / Large Clear Bin / Medium Clear Bin / Small Clear Bin / Small Gray Basket / Wire Metal Basket

With the motivation of doing the linen closet, I also picked up some bins to organize my under sink storage. When we were renovating our house, I don’t know why I thought it was a good idea to claim the smaller vanity in our bathroom considering all the stuff I’d store underneath.




Gray Plastic Basket

I sometimes just open my closet now to admire it before my husband or daughter get into it and destroy it. 🙂 Since doing this I’ve also gone a little organization happy and tackled the lazy Susan and under sink cabinet in the kitchen, now I am deciding what is next!


(*This is not an affiliated post, all opinions are my own.)

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  1. Jenny says:

    It looks great! My linen closet is also a disaster.


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