Lillebaby Complete Review


Over this past weekend, my husband and I planned a quick trip to St. Louis to watch our Milwaukee Brewers play. (Fun Fact: I want to go to all 30 baseball stadiums and this trip helped me check off stadium #10!) Since we were bringing our baby girl along, we figured the easiest way to get her to the game without using a stroller is our Lillebaby Complete Airflow carrier. I’ve only used it a handful of times because until recently she was a puker and I’m talking large amounts! There was no timeframe to when she’d puke after a feed so because of this I wasn’t really wanting to carry her facing me just to have her puke all over both of us.

Since I had only used the carrier a couple of times, I needed the help of my husband to get the straps tight enough and clipped in. While she was in the carrier it was so easy, breathable and she was loving seeing all the new things! Hopefully with more use I’ll get comfortable with the straps and getting her in and out so I will be using it without any help (practice makes perfect!).

Untitled Design

There were a couple of problems we ran into since this was the first time she was put in forward facing. I figured all I had to do was put her in and then clip the straps together at the top but her legs looked a little off. I used the magic of YouTube and found a video (straight from Lillebaby) that went through step-by-step instructions. One thing that needed a little more detail was switching to a narrow seat. In the picture below I go through in how to do this.



After switching the carrier to the narrow seat, putting Kinsley into the carrier was a breeze! The carrier also comes with a sun shade however I feel like that’s more for when the babe is a newborn or sleeping, I made sure to bring along a hat for her if we were in the sun!

Hope this review helps you!



(*This is not an affiliated post, all opinions are my own.)

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