Jane Favs for 8/12/18

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So I just want to explain the title of this post since it includes a date. If you’ve never heard of Jane.com, first of all you’re missing out!! Second, new deals are added daily and last around 3 days each so that’s why I dated this post since you’ve got to be quick!! As a disclaimer, you do have to pay shipping for each individual item, when buying more items from the same posting usually the 2nd (3rd, 4th…) items have discounted shipping and some deals offer free shipping so be sure you’re looking at those prices as well!

I discovered Jane.com probably close to 5 years ago now. When we went through our home remodel, I bought SO MANY things to decorate from this site. Then it turned into finds for myself, and now it’s moved onto baby finds (as well as myself still hehe).

Today, as the baby naps, I want to share with you some deals I found, some I am buying today or some I’ve already bought previously and they’ve come back!


The Sadie Cardigan. This is an adorable cardigan that is listed for $16.99 (+$3.99 for shipping) and comes in four colors, shown here in navy.


Front Tie Blouse. The front tie is very popular this season, and this blouse is perfect for your work day wardrobe! Comes in six colors and is listed for $18.99 (+$3.99 shipping).


Striped Detail Hoodie. I’m an absolute sucker for hoodies and this one has a cute stripe detail on the sleeve and pocket, so naturally I’m scooping this one up for myself! Listed at $24.99 (+$3.99 shipping). Comes in three colors, shown here in Blue Sage.


Soft Striped Lounge Pants. Just like with sweatshirts, I also love a good pair of comfortable lounge pants! Maybe it’s because I live in Wisconsin, where you never know what the weather will be but can never go wrong with comfy warm clothes especially in the L O N G winters! These pants come in 4 color combos (shown here in ivory/black) and are listed for $19.99 (+$4.99 shipping). Now to decide which color I want!


Baby & Toddler 2 and 3 pc sets. Last fall when we found out we were having a little girl, I immediately came to Jane to find her clothes. I bought this set and I’m so excited for her to wear it this winter!! Since she hasn’t worn it yet I’m not sure about the sizing but I can tell you the material does not feel cheap! Listed for $12.99 (+$2.99 shipping).


Personalized Monthly Photo Baby Blanket. These blankets are SO popular for monthly pictures of babies everywhere! This shop offers personalization and four designs to choose from! Listed at $25.99 (+$4.99 shipping).

*Be sure to check out other baby/kids items Jane has to offer! Paci clips, bows, fun t-shirts, soft sole shoes, and so much more!


Farmhouse Floating Ledge Shelves. I actually wish these were around 4 years ago! These shelves can be decorated in basically any room of your house! Listed at $29.99 (+$9.99 shipping).
*Here’s another floating shelf option without the ledge. Set of three listed for $44.99 (+$9.99 shipping).


Premium Wool Dryer Balls. I have not used a dryer sheet in 3 years because I have these wool dryer balls. I feel like they reduce drying time and also static! This 4 pack is listed for $7.95 (+$3.49 shipping).


Reusable Sandwich/Snack Bags. This find is a little random, but I’ve been looking for reusable bags and that are dishwasher safe (cause ain’t nobody got time for washing by hand!) The set comes with 2 of each size for $5.99 (+1.99 shipping for 1st item and $0.99 for each item after). I’m snagging up two sets and will review at a later date.


2-Door Shoe Storage Cabinet. I know it says this is for shoe storage but honestly you can use this cabinet for whatever storage needs you have. I’ve been looking for a media type storage cabinet with doors that do not have windows (because again ain’t nobody got time for constantly cleaning windows from little baby handprints!). Plus the doors have knobs so makes baby proofing a breeze! Listed for $75.99 (+ FREE SHIPPING).

That’s all I have time for today, but follow any of the links above to check out what more Jane has to offer! Share with me your purchases in a comment below!



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