What I Packed in my Hospital Bag


I’ve decided this as my first post topic because I have some girlfriends that are SO close to having to pack up their own and/or they’ve packed one but maybe realizing some items just are not needed!

My hospital stay was not a long one by any means [36 hours from walk in to walk out with a baby in my arms] so if you have a c-section scheduled you may need more items than what I used.

I packed my bag maybe 5-7 days before my due date [I went a day after] but whenever you want to pack it I say go ahead! Being a NICU nurse I’m aware how things can change so quickly but the items I wanted to pack were still items I was wearing around the house so I didn’t want to pack them up for weeks yet!

(Please note that these links are not affiliated, they are just what I have bought and used.)

For Mama

1. A comfy pair of sweatpants were a must for me since that’s what I live in at home in the winter time! These “Mom Life” ones from Ezra & Eli were the perfect pair for me! Even if you’re delivering somewhere warm or in warmer months here in Wisconsin, indoors is always chillier so maybe don’t plan sweats for your going home outfit! *Their website is currently on a break, catch them on Instagram and they announce when the shop is open!*

2. Slippers. Do you know what’s been on hospital floors? No? Then bring a pair of cheap slippers with rubber bottoms that you can even just throw away after wearing them around the hospital.

3. Nursing tanks. I’ve always been the type of person that needs a camisole tank underneath everything a wear but even more so now that I’m nursing. If I’m lifting up my shirt to nurse I’m thankful that tank in still covering up my stomach.

4. Sleep bra. I’ll admit to you I brought this sleep bra to the hospital but never actually put it on because I wore my tank. My milk wasn’t in yet so I didn’t need anymore support but I’m including this on the list because some ladies need to wear a bra.

5. Comfy top/sweatshirt. My friend actually had this “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom” shirt made for me so of course I had to pack it! Then I also got this MUTHA sweatshirt from baobei. I love the tulip design because it’s so easy to lift up to nurse in! This sweatshirt was one item I was wearing in those last days (weeks, months) of my pregnancy because it was comfy and had plenty of room for my growing belly!

6. Underwear. I went out and bought granny style underwear in one size up from my regular in darker colors. I didn’t care if these underwear got ruined. I also used the mesh panties for the overnight portion of my stay since they held the giant pad/ice pack very very nicely! No shame in the mesh panty game! Some women even bring some adult underwear to wear after birth, to each their own.

7. Robe. I was super excited for this ultra comfy robe but honestly did not use it until I got home.

8. Going home outfit. It was the beginning of February in Wisconsin. The outfit I came in and left in we’re pretty identical. Black yoga pants, boots and a sweatshirt. Nothing glamorous but very practical considering there was a snow storm coming through.

9. Toiletries. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, toothbrush, face wash, moisturizer, glasses, contact case/solution [if you wear them], make-up [if you want to look put together for any pictures or visitors, personally I brought it but did not even touch it! We didn’t have any visitors since the timing of delivery/recovery was later and we went home the next day].

10. Peri bottle & Dermoplast. The hospital provided this for me but I did buy an extra can of dermoplast off Amazon for after we were home. It was an absolute LIFE SAVER along with the ice packs and mesh undies.

11. I also want to mention these amazing postpartum leggings by Blanqi. I did pack these in my bag but my sweat pants and yoga pants were more comfortable for immediately postpartum but I lived in these leggings for my entire maternity leave!

12. Electronics and chargers. Don’t forget your phone, ipad, laptop, camera and chargers for each! Whatever you plan on taking pictures with (or not if you have a photographer!) you won’t want to forget!

For Baby

There are many items that the hospital provides for babies (diapers, wipes, white kimono style side snap shirts and blankets) but obviously there are items you’ll want to pack as well!

1. Going Home Outfit. I don’t know about you but while I was pregnant I dreamed of what my baby would wear when we went home! I found the perfect outfit for a February baby (in the middle of Wisconsin winter I might add). So mama you go and get your babe a cute little going home outfit!

2. Diaper Bag. I brought my diaper bag fully stocked, granted I didn’t need the diapers or wipes, some items still came in handy (like the nail file because babygirl had daggers for nails!) I also used this bag as baby’s and packed her outfits in there. Other items I had in there were the nail file and clippers, couple blankets, and so many headbands.

3. One or two other outfits. I had packed probably 5 to be sure. Clearly I didn’t need 5 outfits outside of the going home outfit but I did use one other outfit before going home, if we were to stay that second night I’m sure I would’ve used another one.

4. Cute Swaddle/Props/Letterboard. I know a lot of you creative mamas want that perfect in the hospital picture so go ahead and bring that cute floral swaddle, the nametag, that letterboard with something witty on it. I honestly regret not getting more pictures while in the hospital, I had all these plans of what I wanted and then didn’t go through with them. (If you’ve already delivered and have those cute pics I would love to see them! Message me on Insta @smkrzyzanowski)

Here’s my sweet Kinsley Mae in her going home outfit 😍

I am not going to include what to pack for daddy because he was in charge of his own bag and if he forgot something it was on him and not me! 🙃

Did I forget anything that you feel are important? Comment below and let me know!



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